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Interested buyers who are not yet entirely familiar with shuffleboards are welcome at our show room in Torhout, Belgium

We are happy to receive you – representative or even an entire delegation of your company – after having made an appointment. We offer you lots of information, a drink and of course: the game itself!

23 - 25 jan 2008: EAS 2008 in Nice
apr 2008: DEAL in Dubai

Euroshuffle disposes of a wonderful show room in Belgium. We also have a stand at several important fairs. Suffleboards appeal to a large audience: it is suitable for all ages and capabilities. The Suffleboards are a real boom in the United States, where they effortlessly have been able to capture their own spot next to the snooker tables and bowling alleys. The shuffleboard promises to strike gold in Europe as well, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to become a trendsetter, would you? Moreover, shuffleboard is a game that excellently fits places where there is a lot of team spirit, or… where there is a competitive spirit in the air.

Euroshuffle targets a very broad market and audience:

  • family and amusement arcades
  • snooker and bowling centres
  • hotels and foyers
  • pubs and inns
  • homes for the elderly
  • public institutions
  • ...

Due to both the (optional) pingate system which prevents free games as well as the patented polymer top layer, this investments gives you value for money: shuffleboards are durable and bring in a lot of money,… no matter where you place them! It’s fun.

Whoever wants to experience the game or whoever wants to admire the boards in their rich variety of models for themselves can pay a visit to our show room!







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